After going to specialists for a chronic illness and trying alternative health therapies without much change, I began working with Lisa. After the first session, I felt better than I had in a long time. My life has been transformed in the process of working with Lisa. My symptoms are still present, but they do not control me- I have more energy and a peaceful outlook. Lisa’s coaching with breathing and relaxation techniques has helped me manage pain and uncertainty. Lisa’s gifts are truly amazing.

~ Elizabeth, School Psychologist

Lisa has helped some of my most anxious patients to deal with challenging life situations such as surgery. I recommend her often to patients who prefer a non-pharmaceutical approach to sleep and mood disorders.

~Gretchen Frye, MD, Ob-Gyn

Looking forward to the tranquil island in the middle of a hectic week helps me to handle the discomfort, loss of mobility and pain caused by my arthritic hip. Spending time with Lisa allows me to continue my daily routines and the running of my own business. The breathing and pain control that she is teaching me are invaluable and will continue to serve me long after my hip replacement surgery. Her graciousness, calm demeanor and sincere desire to help her clients enjoy their lives to the fullest speak to Lisa’s dedication and our success in working together.

~ Walli, Special Events Planner and Coordinator

I was referred to Lisa by a medical professional before having a surgical procedure. I was quite nervous and anxious about the surgery and the potential lifestyle changes afterwards. My experience with Lisa was incredible! As I finished my session I felt like both my mind and body were floating. I had a sense of calmness and peace I had never experienced before. I continue working with her because she always gives me new insights and techniques that I am integrating in my life. Now I feel more centered, secure and less nervous when life challenges appear.

~ Melanie, Business Consultant

My experiences with Lisa always provide me with many new insights and a sense of calm, deep relaxation. She has an amazing ability to combine intellectual reasoning with tuning into the subtle, human energy fields; and a light-hearted, compassionate sense of humor. The result, for me, is an adventure into new conscious awakenings and greater body awareness – ultimately, more inner-peace, and greater clarity of thought!

~ Kirsten, Licensed Clinic Social Worker

“Lisa is a compassionate and gifted yoga instructor and reiki practicioner. I was not new to the practice of yoga when I joined Lisa’s class, but her expertise, spiritual energy and wisdom has added a new dimension to my yoga practice, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Lisa even found a safe physical way to allow me to practice, with modifications, through an injury that required my shoulder to be in a sling for several weeks. My enhanced practice coupled with Lisa’s energy work has allowed me to open up to new possibilities, and has helped me change my perspective and thus my life.

~ Marilyn, Senior Director, Biotechnology Development

Lisa’s energy work has seen me through personal grief, stress management, career transition, as well as physical injury and surgery. As part of my healing and rehab plan for a recent knee surgery, I went to Lisa for energy work before and after the surgery. In conjunction, I saw a physical therapist at a well known facility, who wasn’t aware of Lisa’s energy work with me, and the therapist commented that I was progressing far faster than she normally saw, and that my level of pain seemed quite low. I told her of my energy work with Lisa and she was impressed. I highly recommend Lisa’s yoga instruction and energy work to anyone who is looking for a safe sanctuary in which to grow and change.”

~ Marilyn, Senior Director, Biotechnology Development

Yoga with Lisa leaves me feeling more comfortable in my body and on the planet. I often walk into yoga classes feeling highly self-conscious, hoping I look good in the postures and don’t fall on my face. Lisa quickly puts my worries to rest and helps me focus on the natural vitality in my breath and body. She’s a kind, clear, and highly intuitive teacher, who seems to know exactly what we need in each session.

~ Michelle, Professor of English

Lisa Eller Davis leads a nurturing style of yoga by readily tuning into each individual’s needs and tailoring each class to address those needs. She grounds us into Mother Earth so we know we are lovingly supported – then enables us to stretch past our personal limits. She is never judgmental with a student, whatever their level of expertise. Instead she gently encourages every participant, through vocal reassurances and a sprinkling of humor, to relax and gain the most from their yoga experience.
As I leave each class led by Lisa, my knotted muscles have relaxed, my spirit is lighter, and I physical and emotionally feel less burdened by the pressures of daily life.

~Janet, Office Manager

As a professional caregiver I often neglect my own need to relax and practice self-care. It is a gift and privilege to have the opportunity to enter into the contemplative yoga practice with instructor Lisa Eller Davis.
Lisa has an ability to guide the classes with a gentle yet firm presence and direction. Her teaching style, which also combines warmth, care and humor, fosters an atmosphere, where each student feels taken care of and encouraged to engage their body, mind and spirit without self-criticism.
Her classes help her students relax, focus, align their body, mind and spirit, and re-energize themselves. Carving out sacred time and space to nourish the body and spirit is a vital process for those in the care giving industry. One of Lisa Eller Davis gifts is to teach her students how to tend to themselves, refilling the empty places and claiming the sacred preciousness of self.

~Cynthia, Director of the Rafael Spiritual Healing Center, Jewish Family Service of Colorado

I appreciate Lisa’s understanding of, and ability to translate the multiple layers of yoga into easily-understood instructions. I also appreciate the healing and safe atmosphere she creates which makes her classes nurturing, refreshing and rejuvenating. Because of Lisa’s love of her students and of the practice I know I’m not alone in saying that I leave her classes feeling better than when I arrived.

~ Susan, Public Relations Consultant

When I enter Lisa’s class, I feel the sense of being home. Before I know what is happening, my body is doing things I would not have thought possible. As a teacher Lisa brings great patience, skill, clarity, and humor to the yoga mat. And the feeling flows on, long after class is over.

~ Christopher, PhD, Professor of Communications

Lisa is a compassionate and gifted yoga instructor. I was not new to the practice of yoga when I joined Lisa’s class, but her spiritual energy and wisdom has added a new dimension to my practice, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Lisa even found a way to allow me to practice, with modifications, through an injury that required my shoulder to be in a sling for several weeks.

~Marilyn, Senior Director, Biotechnology Development

Lisa’s style of yoga is very good for me…peaceful yet strengthening and is very calming at days end. Lisa encourages you to connect through body, spirit, breath and for the goodness of all living beings.

~ Ellen, Museum Executive Director

I’ve been taking yoga for 20 years. With Lisa as my teacher over the last two years, I have found her classes a great combination of strength-building and restorative energy flow. I often leave feeling like I just had a great massage!

~Deanne, Museum Director of Special Events


Lisa Eller Davis, RYT, CRM

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