Energy Work & Singing Bowls

  • Used  for both patients and caregivers, to reduce stress and generate a sense of ease
  • Receiving a session requires no movement or
    practice on the part of the client
  • Is non-invasive and non-manipulative
  • Enhances the body’s capacity to heal itself
  • Releases blocked energy and restores natural flow and balance
  • Often generates a soothing sense of warmth and comfort lasting long after the session

“Lisa’s energy work has seen me through personal grief, stress management, career transition, as well as physical injury and surgery. As part of my healing and rehab plan for a recent knee surgery, I went to Lisa for energy work before and after the surgery. I highly recommend Lisa’s yoga instruction and energy work to anyone who is looking for a safe sanctuary in which to grow and change.”

~Marilyn, Senior Director, Biotechnology Development

“My experiences with Lisa always provide me with many new insights and a sense of calm, deep relaxation. She has an amazing ability to combine intellectual reasoning, tuning in to the subtle, human energy fields and a light-hearted, compassionate sense of humor. The result, for me, is an adventure into new conscious awakenings and greater body awareness- ultimately, more inner-peace and greater clarity of thought!”

~Kirsten, Licensed Clinic Social Worker and Mom



Lisa Eller Davis, RYT, CRM

Lisa@treeoflifedenver.com ~ 303.388.6388